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       產品涵蓋烘焙及面點兩大產業,主要產品有多功能包餡機、打餅機、排盤機、包子、饅頭、面包機、酥餅機、蛋糕、曲奇機、開酥機、和面機等相關成型設備。在經營發展過程中,奉行“高效 穩健 開拓 進取”的企業宗旨,以優質的服務,科學規范的管理,使企業走上了健康成長的道路,為企業向著更更高層次的發展打下了堅實的基礎。

Shanghai Hanjue Precision Machinery Company is located in Songjiang district,Shanghai city. We are a modern food machine manufacturer specialized in the design ,research and marketing .
Our company originated from  2006 and established in  2008, we experience the development and prosperity of Chinese food machine industry.We are ahead of the similar food machine company in new machine design and development to make new food so as to keep up with the changing market.
Our products mainly cover bakery and pastry these 2 industry , our feature products  including : “ multifunctional encrusting machine ” , “stamp machine” ,“tray arranging machine” , “ meat bun machine ” ,“ steamed bun machine ” ,“bread machine ” , “puff pastry machine”, “ cake machine”,“ cookies machine” ,“ dough sheet”, “ mixer” etc.Through years of exploration, our company adherence to the “efficient, stable, pioneering and enterprising ”。 With good service ,scientific and standardized management , our company runs well and healthily towards a higher level in the future .